100% global cash visibility

Numic targets 100% cash visibility across all banks, currencies and legal entities in your organization. A single dashboard to get full control over all accounts worldwide.

Automated consolidation

Numic is compatible with popular payment networks and ERP systems. Never again bother logging in to many different banking portals to get a full cash overview. 

Cloud based solution 

Numic is a safe and reliable cloud solution. There is no need for long local installation processes, we'll work together to build your dream cash dashboard.


What is Numic?

Numic is a powerful cash management dashboard that puts the information a cash manager needs right at her or his finger tips.

Understand your financial data

The Numic dashboard provides the cash overview you have long been waiting for. Great decisions are made based on solid information. Our dashboard puts the information you need right at your finger tips.

 Work efficiently as a team

Collaborate with your team. Gone are the days that excel sheets kept flying around inboxes. It's time for an automated approach, that understands how you want to work together with your colleagues.

Break away from your desk

Treasury software in the cloud has many advantages. It's an easy set-up process so there is no need for long implementation cycles, but most of all, you can carry the information you need with you at all times.

 Be ready for financial innovations

​We all haven't even seen the beginning of the fintech innovations that are coming our way. We commit to be ready to always provide you ​with a cash management dashboard that fits your needs.

"Numic allows us to save a tremendous amount of time and effort for reporting on our cash balances worldwide. We now get an automated, daily overview of our cash across all entities in 60+ countries."

- Treasury Manager at large corporation

Work when you want.

Where you want.

The way you want.

About Numic

Numic is powered by IntellectEU. IntellectEU has a long track record of excellent financial software services.The technology that lies at the basis of Numic has been developed over the past years in close relationship with corporate partners. We now feel confident we have one of the best cash management applications on the market and our plans for the future are really exciting.

New York office

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New York, NY 10036, USA

Brussels office

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